Stop Covering Shit You Can't Cover: GIRL U WANT

"You know what would make this song cool? If it sounded like it was played by coma patients. Plaid-wearing coma patients."

Editor's note: This is a lot like rape. Right at the tip, you're begging for it to end, and by the second minute, you're already zoned out to some happier moment in your past.

Not too shabby, Roberter Palmerer:
"I'm drunk and I don't care what the buttons on this drum machine do. I hired chicks for my band."

Editor's note: Note the screeching brakes and car crash sounds before he sings, "Headed for the pleasure burn." Robert Palmer is a secret genius.

There's the spirit, The Mummies!
"No one holds us to any standards."

Editor's note: HAHAHA "edit the Mummies" HAHAHA


Editor's note: Great songs have only one good version.

EDITOR'S SUPER-NOTE: the worst Devo cover of all time.
"This song's interesting. We have a market of angry over-liberal idiots to capitalize upon. Strum two of the song's chords while we all stand around. Fuck it, I'll just sit down. These pot-smoking abortion-desiring faggots have no idea what they're cheering for. Easy $$$$." -The Rages Against the Machine

Editor's super-subnote: These guys still have the balls to show up to Occupy campsites in limos.

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