In Tweed We Trust - Thee Headcoats, 1996.

Why stop with video? The world is made for learning wonders. The internet is made for condensing wonders. This record is a wonder to me, full of the noises and expressions that I need to hear on the outside of myself because they cause too much trouble kept on the inside of myself.

If you enjoy this music, contact Damaged Goods or Hangman Records for some more blasts of fresh air from Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats. Or fuck around bidding with some eBay/Amazon twats, if you're into that kinda shit.

Everybody's Wiser Now

Too Afraid

Want Me - Win Me

I'm Good Enough

Fingers in the Sun

This Day to Bust

It Don't Come Easy

I'm Hurting

Going Down

The Man With Eyes Like Little Fishes

I Was Weak

Sex and Flies

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